About Us

The Black Treatment Advocates Network (BTAN) is the only collaboration of its kind that links Black Americans with HIV into care and treatment, strengthens local and national leadership, connects influential peers, raises HIV science and treatment literacy in Black communities and advocates for policy change and research priorities.

BTAN is an initiative of the Black AIDS Institute, created to help raise HIV science and literacy in Black communities. BTAN is guided by the premise that when people understand the science of HIV/AIDS they are:

  • less likely to participate in stigmatizing behavior;
  • more likely to access treatment;
  • better able to adhere to their regimens; and
  • better positioned to influence HIV/AIDS policy.

The goal of BTAN is to cultivate and support a national network of Black Treatment Advocates/Educators equipped with knowledge and skills to:

  • Help link and retain people living with HIV/AIDS into appropriate care and treatment
  • Increase demand for treatment
  • Integrate biomedical and behavioral interventions
  • Increase involvement of Black people in HIV treatment and prevention research
  • Improve access to, and quality of, care in their home communities and nationally


Our start! BTAN Bay Area launched June 2012 with a HIV Science & Advocacy Training

The SF Bay Area region is a highly concentrated area of committed organizations, early responders to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, thriving long term positive community, engaged public health departments, and passionate front line staff.

Since 2012, the BTAN Bay Area chapter has worked in coalition with its members, and partner agencies to increase HIV & HepC Testing, education, and outreach:

  • Prepping for Pride Brunch Series (hosted Pre-Pride Gatherings)
  • Bay Area Youth HIV Resource Guide (Digital/Print)
  • HIV Science & Treatment Training
  • HIV Community Mobilization Training
  • Black PrEP Training



  • Denisha DeLane, Program Coordinator, Allen Temple AIDS Ministry
  • Camryn Crump, Social Media Outreach Coordinator, AIDS Project of the East Bay

Fiscal Sponsor

Workgroups & Committees


  • Advocacy Committee
  • PLWA
  • Treatment & Education
  • Patient Navigation
  • Community Outreach / Partnerships



In 2010, BTAN began working in three cities: Houston, Texas; Jackson, Mississippi; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 2011, networks were expanded to Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; and Los Angeles, California. In 2012, BTAN was excited to expand into Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Oakland, San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami. BTAN’s intensive HIV science and advocacy trainings consist of two three-day sessions covering a wide range of HIV/AIDS topics including testing resources, treatment strategies, linkage to care and community mobilization, among others. The year 2013 will see BTAN expand to additional cities.

Enjoying USCA 2014 with BTAN Leadership & AAHU Graduates (San Diego, CA)